Pony & Llama Pop Up Card

  • Size: 150*150mm
  • Code: BR263
  • Color: Yellow or customized color
  • Order Quantity: 30.000 pcs per month
  • MOQ: 500 pcs for mixed designs
  • Packing: Card will come with a white envelope and plastic and 25 pcs/box, 50 boxes/carton
  • Customization options on request!

Such an adorable 3D card for your birthday! At first glance, we are hypnotized by this card cuteness and charm. However, this card is not just as simple as it seems. Even if the card is mostly for the younger audience. 


Inspiration for Pony and Llama Pop Up Card

A pony is a representation of the vitality that is needed to succeed. To see a pony working in a field means it essentially time to carry out tasks. There is a need for strength in your life at this time. You are required to reach deep within to essentially ensure that things in life will be happy. 

As a totem, the llama is a symbol of strength, perseverance, communication, confidence, and often success. People born under the llama sign are people who know exactly what their goal in life is.


Occasions for Pony and Llama Pop Up Card

This card is perfect for birthdays! Get this card to put a smile on your loved ones' faces and brighten their special day! 

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