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Travel Pop Up Card

  • Size: 150*150mm
  • Code: OT725
  • Color: Blue
  • Order Quantity: 30.000 pcs per month
  • MOQ: 500 pcs for mixed designs
  • Packing: Card will come with a white envelope and plastic and 25 pcs/box, 50 boxes/carton
  • Customization options on request
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I love to travel. From childhood, I liked to explore the different cities. My dream is to travel around the world. While traveling, you meet different people, no, bother of their castes and religion. No, fuss about their culture and faith. You only meet and know about them. You get a chance to familiarize yourself with different castes, religions, and cultures. How amazing it is! The earth becomes so small. All the people get close to each other.


Inspiration for Travel Pop Up Card

Whether you’re keeping that full-time job of yours, or quitting it to travel full-time, here are 5 reasons why you should pack your bags and start traveling.

1. New adventures await you

2. Travel gives you empathy for the world’s problems

3. It trains you to be tougher and more independent

4. You can inspire others

5. It pushes you out of your comfort zone


Occasions for Travel Pop Up Card

Travel Pop Up Card is an exciting and meaningful gift for your family and friends who always dream about travelling around the world. This card is perfect gift for birthdays,  ceremonies beacause of the meaningful message for them.